We’ve sourced some of the best content creators, writers and photographers in the snow world to give you the lowdown on their favourite northern snow destinations.

Abigail BUTCHER Abigail Butcher is a national newspaper journalist based in the UK, specialising in global ski and adventure travel. “I loved writing about the “Big Three” (Verbier, Chamonix, Jackson Hole) as adventure skiing is in my soul, so these three resorts are as much at the top of my bucket list as they are anyone else’s.” IG: @abijbutcher

Kate ALLMAN Kate Allman is a long time sports reporter, presents for Channel TEN and writes for a range of ski and travel publications including Escape, The Guardian, Surfing Life and Forbes. Kate reveals her first northern love, Aspen, for The Northern Issue with a heart-felt personal story of powder days under Colorado skies. IG: @kateallman_

Mark DAFFEY Travel writer and photographer Mark Daffey is a sucker for accepting travel assignments that quench his thirst for adventure with CNN, Audi and Fairfax. In this issue Mark reveals some of the best adventures and skill improvement camps to be had in the mountains. IG: @markdaffey

Christine SCHIEDEL Christine Schiedel is a long time art director and designer for Australia’s best national

magazines. A skier who swapped to snowboarding this year, she loves an adventure and dreams of hitting up the Canadian Rockies for a powder fix this northern season. IG: @christineschiedel

Contributors: Natalia Jastrzab, Alyson Lamb, Alex Parsons Contributing photographers: Chris Hocking, Darren Teasdale, Shaun Mittwollen, Jen McLean 8 I SNOWSBEST.COM

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